Match the adjectives..
ex 1
Comparing with Mrs Haquet
Interactive book.
ex 2
"As daft as a broom."
learn more expressions.
ex 3
Comparing characters.
true or false
ex 4
An amazing mouse
true or false
ex 5
Means of Transportation
Read, Learn, compare and Play!.
ex 6
What would you do with one million $?
listen and match what you hear and read.
ex 8
Canada and Great Britain
Listening comprehension.
ex 8
First visit to France
Listen and play
ex 9
Yoko my Japanese friend
ex 10
How much do they have in common?
(So does he, he doesn't, neither does she, he does etc....)
ex 11
Comparing Hopper and Rockwell
(Both and Whereas)
ex 12
School superlatives
2 activities
ex 13
Back to School.
A Survey
ex 14