Famous People and Characters
Agatha Christie
ex 1
Al Capone
ex 2
Annie Taylor, the daredevil.
ex 3
Avril Lavigne
ex 4
Charlie Brown and his gang.
ex 5
Christopher Colombus
ex 6
Davy Crockett
ex 7
Elvis Presley
ex 8
Felix the Cat.
ex 9
Grandma Moses.
ex 10
Harry Potter
ex 11
Superman, Tarzan Catwoman.....
ex 12
Marilyn Monroe's bio
ex 13
Martin Luther King
ex 14
Robin Hood and Nottingham
ex 15
Rosa Park. A song
ex 16
Shakespeare. a short introduction
ex 17
Sherlock Holmes
ex 18
Stephen King
ex 19
What are they like?
ex 20
Top Celebrities quiz
Oral comprehension
ex 21
"You are the Star"
Oral comprehension
ex 22