A1/A2. (Beginner)
What's new?
A. Henry and his six wives. (a presentation and a game)
B. My Favorites ( 2 easy games)
C. Holidays in Galveston (audio quiz/simple past)
D. Stephanie's trip to GB (Audio quiz/ simple past)
E. Stephanie introduces 6 American cities.
F. Cities in the middle ages (was/ were)
Activities related to "Good News 5ème"
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Activities related to "New Wings 5ème"
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Activities related to "Good News" 6ème
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All year Round
Alphabet Children of the world Clothes Comparing
Computers Colours Describing people
and animals
Dictionary on line
Family and pets Famous people and characters Food and Drinks Geography
Grammar Holidays
Halloween Guy Fawkes
Thanksgiving Christmas
St Valentine's day St Patrick's day
Houses Just for fun
Linking Sentences Past Present future Prepositions Scavenger hunt
School Sounds and phonics
Towns and Places Verbs
What's the time? Weather When English helps
you learn more....
Words and Expressions