What's the time?
Can you count from 1 to 12?
ex 1
Can you count from 1 to 20?
ex 2
What's the time?.
ex 3
What a mess!
Can you help putting these clocks in order?
ex 4
Understanding the time.
ex 5
To help you remember.(With pictures)
ex 6
A matching game.
ex 7
What's the time?
Writing the time
ex 8
Look at the TV program and do the exercise.
ex 9
Learning the time
With the British Council.
ex 10
A diary
ex 11
Robbie's Day
ex 12
A great book with activities by Josiane Behengaray
ex 13
Ma Hubbard’s Create-A-Reader
Graduated series of exercises.
ex 14
Time Ticker
What's the time in.....?
ex 15
World Clock
Statistical figures for world population, births, deaths etc...
ex 19