Town and places.
In town:
4 Games
ex 1
In Town
ex 2
In Town
Jumbled words
ex 3
Moving around
A visit to the zoo.
A slideshow and a game.
ex 4
Spot the difference.
2 easy games.
ex 5
An American city
Reading Comprehension.
ex 6
Springfield where Bart lives
Cloze Activity.
ex 7
7 famous skyscrapers.
A slideshow and a quiz.
ex 8
A Canadian little town
Vocabulary and Listening game.
ex 9
The High Street.
Videos, songs and games.
ex 10
Means of transportation.
ex 11
A day trip to Dover
audio and game
ex 12
Towns in History
Towns in Medieval England (Was/ were)
listening quiz
ex 13
Robin Hood and Nottingham.
Rags to Riches
ex 14
In the country
D.O.G spells dog, D.O.G. (fun song)
On the farm.
ex 14
In the countryside
Vocabulary and prepositions.
ex 15