Some Grammar
To be
ex 1
Be or have?
ex 2
Have got, has got
ex 3
Have got, has got, hasn't got, haven't got
ex 4
There is - there are (6 pages of activities and games)
ex 5
Been or gone(a game and an audio quiz)
ex 6
The "ING Form"( 3 pages of activities)
ex 7
"S" a contraction with several possible meanings.
ex 8
Pronouns and adjectives
His, Her
ex 9
Halloween Night -His Her (2 games)
ex 10
He, She, His, Her....
ex 11
My favorites things
ex 12
Regular and irregular plurals
ex 13
Masculine feminine or neuter?
2 games
ex 14
Nouns ending in er
2 games
ex 15
Countable and uncountable nouns (food)
ex 16
A, an ou ř?
ex 17
Some, any, a, an
ex 18
"Some, any, a, an" with Duane Hanson
ex 19
Genitive case
ex 20
Whose (interactive quiz )
ex 21
Who's or Whose
ex 22
The Royal Family (Crosswords and audio game)
ex 23
Who or Where?
ex 24
Who? Where? What? Audio quiz
ex 25
How old are they? where are they from?
ex 26
How many?
ex 25
Why and because
ex 27
How often do you......?
ex 28