History in English
Make a Mummy.
ex 1
Ancient Egypt - Vocabulary
ex 2
Explore a pyramid.
ex 3
ex 4
Greek Myths
ex 5
The Romans
ex 6
The Anglo-Saxons
ex 7
The Vikings.
ex 8
The Bayeux Tapestry.
Written comprehension.
ex 9
Medieval Time.
ex 10
Towns in medieval time.
a slideshow and a game
ex 10
Biology in English
Animals and non living things.
ex 1
The Little Animals activity centre.
ex 2
How does your body work?
ex 3
The armadillo Quiz.
ex 4
Art in English
The Art lesson.
Vocabulary and a song
ex 1
Norman Rockwell.
A webquest about the works of the great American painter.
ex 2
A video and a game to help you learn about this American painter.
ex 3
Grandma Moses.
A slideshow and a game.
ex 4
Tom Wesselmann's Collages
ex 5
Andy Warhol and Pop art.
ex 6
Frederic Remington takes you West.
ex 7
Mary Cassatt.
ex 8
Rural America with W.S Mount.
ex 9
Charles Demuth's indutrial landscape.
ex 10
Destination Modern Art.
ex 11
Types of Paintings. (Vocabulary)
ex 12
Impressionists and post-impressionists
ex 13
Tate Kids.
ex 14
The little Street. A picture story.
ex 15
18 famous paintings.
ex 16
Wayne Thiebaud's goodies.
ex 17
20 American paintings
ex 18
William Johnson.
ex 19
Jacob Lawrence
ex 20
L.S Lowry's England
ex 21
8 famous British painters quiz.
ex 22
Keith Haring
ex 23
John Constable
ex 24
Banksy -Audio Quiz
ex 25
Morses's Gallery of the Louvres
ex 26
You are the Star
ex 27
How about Music?
ex 28
12 Musical Intruments.
ex 29
More Music.
ex 30
Math in English
Piggy Bank
ex 1
Reading grids
ex 2
Playing with Time.
ex 3
Your age in Space
ex 4
ex 5
Hundreds of activities to learn Maths and English!
ex 6
PBS Talking Calculator
ex 7
Learning Math with an American teacher
ex 8