Activities that match your School book.
Do you remember them?
Rags to Riches
ex 1
Matt and his friends went on holidays
See how much you know now.
ex 2
it's raining words!
Vocabulary .
ex 3
Feelings. Vocabulary
Matching, Flashcards, Concentration, Word search.
ex 4
How do they feel?
ex 5
Who were they?
Oral Comprehension
ex 6
Can you pronounce regular verbs in the past correctly?
A Game.
ex 7
Regular verbs in the past
A song
ex 8
Do you know your irregular Verbs?
ex 9
Medieval Time.
ex 10
New York .
2 Games.
ex 11
Activities at the Summer Camp .
Matching, Flashcards, Concentration, Word search.
ex 12
Molly Malone.
An Irish Song.
ex 13
A trip to Ireland
A slideshow and a game
ex 14
Listening comprehension
ex 15
A weekend in Dublin
Listening and a game
ex 16
ex 17
Gulliver's Travels
a Video and a game.
ex 18
Guy Fawkes
an animation and a game.
ex 19
School Superlatives
2 games.
ex 20
The British Isles
How much do you know so far?
ex 21
A trip to Australia.
An easy webquest.
ex 22
Australian Animals.
A video and some vocabuary.
ex 23
ex 24
Animals quiz
Listening activity.
ex 25
The Simpsons
a Quiz.
ex 26
Toffee Apples
rewrite the recipe.
ex 27
What's the matter?
Vocabulary activities.
ex 28
Masculine, feminine or neuter?
Vocabulary activities.
ex 29
What have they done?
Present perfect.
ex 30
What have they just done?
ex 31
"The Pirate Song"
a song and a game.
ex 32
"When I grow up"
ex 33